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How to Stay When You Want to Quit

How to Stay When You Want to Quit

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How to Stay When You Want to Quit; A business parable for busy professionals tired of whining

This is a story about two friends, Max and Maddie, who are pressing hard in their careers. Maddie is fortunate to work with a great boss who has mentored and challenged her to be her best. Max has had the opposite experience. He has been through a heavy rotation of managers, many of whom spoke a good game but never really showed up to play. The most noticeable difference between them is that Maddie, although not yet in her ideal job, loves the journey, while Max is miserable on his voyage.

Read on to learn how Maddie takes what she has learned and helps Max turn his attitude and life around.

You’ll pick up a few tips to bring positive action to people who are disillusioned in their current jobs, even if that person is you.


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