An Unusual Year by Karl Bimshas

An Unusual Year; Leadership in Crisis

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By all accounts, 2020 was an unusual year. A deadly global pandemic, tragic natural disasters, and political upheaval occupy just the top tier of tumult. Nonetheless, some were able to thrive, mostly through innovation, tenaciousness, and of course, leadership.
This collection's selected essays are from the Karl Bimshas Consulting newsletter, blog, and the Reflections on Leadership podcast. Each entry is dated, and you will likely sense how the changing tone tracks with events of the year. It may be fun to make a note of predictions and recommendations, some of which, in retrospect, seem quaint, and others remain bold.
Some people may choose not to revisit anything associated with 2020; it was that painful for many. For others, this collection may aid you in your reflection of the leadership you may or may not have demonstrated during those twelve historical months. Hopefully, a passage or two will spark a new idea or perspective to help you manage better and lead well.
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Publication Date: 1/25/2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9781716184628
Category: Business & Economics
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Author: Karl Bimshas
Pages: 114
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