About the Disposable Journal

About the Disposable Journal

Professionals are busy people. The many ongoing meetings, projects, and tasks at hand can lead to frustration. Far too often, we forget to manage these frustrations, causing a chain reaction in other areas of our lives as well. Without the proper outlet, our work lives have the potential to carry over into our social lives, creating stress in situations where we would rather be feeling at ease. 

Journaling is a quick and manageable way to alleviate stress. Studies show the regular and deliberate practice of writing for 15-20 minutes per day helps you;

  • Silence the endless worry loop you replay in your head.
  • Deal with recent or long-held trauma.
  • Ease the symptoms of some illnesses.
  • Boost your immune system.

The Disposable Journal has proven to be a therapeutic outlet for busy professionals who strive for emotional intelligence and peace of mind. Allowing ourselves to journal helps us to be more mindful, exercises the habit of awareness, and provides us with an opportunity to reflect. By sitting down with our emotions, it helps us to discover how we truly feel and begin to understand why we feel certain emotions, and hopefully, find constructive solutions on how to move forward. Focusing too much on the problem at hand can make one feel hopeless. By taking a few minutes to apply critical-thinking skills toward a solution, we soon begin to see problems as challenges that we can overcome. 

By all means, you don’t need to be a “writer” to use this journal… it’s all about getting the “stuff” out of your head. The cathartic feeling of release will soon follow. And, as implied by the name, this journal is disposable. Once done, you can shred it, burn it, bury it … the choice is yours. To get started, all that is required is to write what comes to mind - intended for your eyes only. 

Leaders and professionals who care about their clients and team members know that having a positive mindset is important. Those same leaders and professionals are using The Disposable Journal. These individuals know that tackling our problems instead of letting them linger is what creates a more wholesome environment for us all. 

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